India Launches State-of-the-Art National Survey Network

Union Minister of State, Dr. Jitendra Singh, launched the state-of-the-art National Survey Network, comprising Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS). This network, operated by the Survey of India, will revolutionize precise location-based services in India.

Centimeter-Level Positioning in Real-Time

India now boasts a world-class Precise Location-based service capable of providing centimeter-level positioning services in real-time. The Survey of India has established over 1,000 CORS stations across the country, enabling this high precision. This development ensures that India has its own high-accuracy mapping and positioning data, allowing for tailored solutions to the country’s unique needs.

Applications of CORS Data

  1. Growth-Oriented Initiatives: The government has undertaken various growth-oriented initiatives in sectors like rural development, transportation, and infrastructure. CORS-based precision services will play a crucial role in these projects, facilitating high-accuracy mapping and positioning data.
  2. Broad Applications: CORS-based precision services will find applications in various sectors, including agriculture, mining, construction, transport, and civil aviation, opening new avenues for innovation and research.
  3. Scientific Research: The CORS data will contribute to scientific research in fields such as upper atmosphere studies, space weather, meteorology, plate motion, seismology, and hydrology.
  4. Coherence and Productivity: The nationwide CORS network will ensure coherence in geospatial data across different stakeholders, enhancing productivity and efficiency in various sectors.



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