India Bolivia relations

India and Bolivia share cordial and friendly relations. Bolivia opened its diplomatic mission in India in 2012. Indian embassy operating in Lima, Peru is concurrently accredited to Bolivia since 1981.

In 2007, India offered 200,000 USD to buy medicines for the victims of landslides. In 2008, India donated 100,000 USD in response to floods caused by La Nina. In 2016, India donated 3.3 million USD to establish a center of technological excellence.

The trade between the countries has increased in the recent years. In 2017 – 18, India exported 12.39 million USD worth goods. IT includes pharmaceuticals, rubber, plastic, machinery, textiles and yarn. In the same year, India imported 134.065 million USD worth goods. The countries are currently negotiating the BIPPA – Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement.

In 2009, India turned down a line of credit demanded by the Bolivian Air Force for the purchase of HAL Dhruvs. HAL Dhruvs is a utility helicopter. The helicopter was designed by a German company. It is now being manufactured by Indian Government undertaking HAL.

There are 100 Indians living in the country.

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