ICJ to announce decision against Myanmar on 23rd January

The principal judicial organ of the United Nations, International Court of Justice (ICJ) on emergency measures will be announcing its decisions on provisional measures against a genocide case on Myanmar on the 23rd January 2020 as informed by the Minister of Justice of Gambia on Tuesday, 14th January 2020. The case of alleging Myanmar for committing ‘genocide’ against its minority Muslim Rohingya population was filed in the ICJ by the west African country the Gambia in November 2019, as the majority of the religion in the Gambia is from the Muslim community.

The lawsuit was lodged by Gambia after winning the support of 57 member states of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and has accused the South East Asian country of violating ‘1948 Genocide Convention’ by expelling more than 7 Lakh 30 Thousand Rohingya Minority population from the Rakhine State of their country in 2017 through military campaigns. State Counsellor of Myanmar,  Aung San Suu Kyu defended her country against the charges in ICJ last Month during the hearing and also said that the issue is an internal matter of Myanmar.


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