Government test shows 12.5% food items contain unapproved pesticides

Union government has found residues of pesticides in vegetables, fruits, milk and other food items collected from various retail and wholesale outlets across the country.
It was unveiled by the report released by Union Agriculture Ministry it had analysed samples collected during 2014-15 from various retail and wholesale outlets.
Key facts

  • These harmful residues of unapproved pesticides were found in 12.50 per cent of the 20,618 samples collected nationally as part of the central scheme Monitoring of Pesticide Residues.
  • Samples collected from organic outlets were also found having residues of pesticides.
  • The residues of pesticides above MRL (maximum residue limit) were found in 543 samples (2.6 per cent). The MRL is being prescribed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).
  • In 1,180 vegetables sample, non-approved pesticides residues pesticides such as bifenthrin, triazofos, acephate, metalaxyl acetamiprid and malathion were detected
  • In 225 fruit samples, non-approved pesticides such as acephate, acetamiprid, carbosulfan, cypermethrin, profenofos, quinalphos and metalaxyl were found.
  • In 43 pulses samples, residues of non-approved pesticides especially of profenophos, hexaconazole and metalaxyl were found.
  • In 30 rice samples, residues of triazofos, metalaxyl, carbaryl and acephate were detected.


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