GoI: Left Wing Extremism has declined by 38% in last five years

On March 18, 2020, the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs replied in Rajya Sabha about the decline in Left Wing Extremism in the last five years. This has been possible mainly due to the implementation of “National Policy and Action Plan-2015”.


In 2019, number of Left Wing Extremism has reduced by 38% as compared to 2014. This has been possible with the deployment of large number of mini and micro unmanned serial vehicles to support anti-Left Wing Extremist Operation.

Also, the number of security forces killed in such operation also declined. In 2009, the numbers were around 317 and it reduced to 52 in 2019.

National Policy and Action Plan

The Government primarily erected 2,329 mobile towers in these regions. With the increase in connectivity and construction of road, GoI aims to develop the region. This will decrease the number of youths joining the organizations.

The control of these organizations and the counter measures are governed by the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) act of India, 1967.

Unlawful Activities (Prevention) act of India

The Naxalite and Maoists organizations in the regions were declared as terrorists group under the act.

Red Corridor

The Red Corridor includes the southern, central and eastern parts of India. These are also areas that suffer from poverty and illiteracy. These regions are backward in development as compared to the other regions of India. They are considered to be the poorest in the country.

LWE affected areas

The states of Chhattisgarh, Bihar, Odisha, Jharkhand are LWE affected states. Parts of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh are also affected by LWE.


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