GoI Allows Airlines to provide In-Flight WiFi

The Government of India recently permitted the airlines operating in the country to provide in-flight WiFi Services to its passengers. This technology allows the passengers to use laptop, tablet, smart watches, smartphones and a point of sale device in flight mode.

In-Flight WiFi

In-Flight WiFi is offering internet services to passengers during their flight with an airline. India and North Korea were the only two countries that were hesitant in offering in-flight WiFi services. India was hesitant due to security concerns. The Ministry of Civil Aviation has been highly strict since the hijacking of Delhi to Kathmandu flight in 1999.

How does an In-Flight WiFi work?

When a Passenger turns ON the fight mode, the antenna of the plane is linked to terrestrial internet services. After the flight climbs to 3,000 metres altitude which any flight reaches in 4 to 5 minutes of its take off, the antenna of the flight will switch to satellite-based services. Hence there will be no break in internet services to the passengers.


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