Global Technology Summit 2022

The 7th edition of the Global Technology Summit (GTS) was held from November 29 to December 1 in New Delhi.

About the Global Technology Summit

The Global Technology Summit is India’s flagship annual event on geotechnology that brings together industry experts, policymakers, scientists and other key stakeholders from across the world to discuss technology and changing geopolitics. Its main purpose is to develop new ways to address various concerns of all parties without hindering technological growth and new ideas. The inaugural edition of the summit was held in 2016.

About the Global Technology Summit 2022

  • The seventh edition of Global Technology Summit was held this year in hybrid format.
  • It was co-hosted by the Ministry of External Affairs and Carnegie India.
  • The theme for the 2022 edition of GTS is “Geopolitics of Technology”. It focused on the impact of the weaponization of technology amid geopolitical disruptions like data disruption and inaccessibility, supply chain disruptions, semi-conductor shortages and the race to lead on data-related technologies.
  • With India taking up the G20 presidency, the Global Technology Summit seeks to explore the present status of international alliances and emerging technologies and their impact on geopolitics.
  • During the three days of the event, the world’s leading experts in technology, government, security, space, startups, data, law, public health, climate change, academics, and the economy will discuss technological progress and its future opportunities.
  • Discussions of this summit will focus on advantages and challenges of sustainable technologies and the emerging geopolitics in the technology sector. It will also seek ideas and data for India’s G20 presidency.
  • More than 100 speakers took part in this summit. Ministers and senior government officials from the US, the EU, Singapore, Japan, Nigeria, Brazil, Bhutan, and other countries also participated in this event.
  • More than 5,000 individuals from across the world participated in this summit. Many of them joined the summit via GTS Summit website and Carnegie India’s YouTube and social media pages.



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