Difference between Brahmo Samaj and Arya Samaj

Raja Rammohan Roy’s Brahmo Samaj and the Arya Samaj led by Swami Dayanand were the two prominent socio-religious movements of India in the 19th century. Both the organisations were against the social and religious evils like Sati, polygamy, child marriage, idol worship and other malpractices prevalent in the society especially among the Hindus. Both the Brahmo Samaj and the Arya Samaj advocated for the women education and equal status to all in the society. Both the movements worked to develop a sense of national consciousness among the fellow countrymen. But there were many differences in their views, philosophy and mode of working.

Major ideological differences between the Brahmo Samaj and the Arya Samaj are as follow:

  • The Brahmo Samaj drew its inspiration from the Vedas, Upanishads and other holy scriptures of ancient India, whereas the Arya Samaj believes in the Vedas only.
  • Brahmo Samaj was primarily reformist, Arya Samaj was primarily revivalist. Brahmo Samaj believed in the western culture and philosophy while the Arya Samaj rejected the western culture and accepted the Indian culture only.
  • For the Brahmo Samaj, human reason is supreme whereas the Arya Samaj believes in the infallibility of the Vedas.
  • The Brahmo Samaj had full faith in the goodness of British government, while Arya Samaj had no faith in the integrity of British government.
  • Brahmo Samaj treated Islam and Christianity at par with Hinduism, Arya Samaj claimed the superiority of Hinduism and claimed that it was best way of life.
  • Brahmo Samaj adopted a conciliatory and peaceful approach, while Arya Samaj propagated its views in an aggressive, authoritative and candid way.
  • Brahmo Samaj mainly influenced educated and intellectuals while Arya Samaj was able to touch the minds of educated and uneducated alike.


  • Narayanappa military

    The founder of the Brahmo samaj and Arya Samaj were failed to understand the reality of the religion, only those religions would survive which have been influenced by the laws of the Nature (earth), example like Newton’s laws and Darwin’s theory of Natural selection, the Survival of the fittest in the final verdict of the World.