GK & Current Affairs Quiz: May 17, 2019

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1. Who has been appointed as the first female match referee by ICC?

[A] Mary Waldron
[B] Shivani Mishra
[C] Jacqueline Williams
[D] G S Lakshmi

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2. India has been chosen to co-chair Consultative Group (CG) of GFDRR in which fiscal year?

[A] 2022
[B] 2021
[C] 2020
[D] 2022

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3. Who has become the world’s first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo in a Light Sports Aircraft (LSA)?

[A] Sarla Thakral
[B] Aarohi Pandit
[C] Durba Banerjee
[D] Avani Chaturvedi

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4. In Madhya Pradesh, women will handle the entire work of counting votes in which of the following districts?

[A] Jabalpur
[B] Indore
[C] Harda
[D] Burhanpur

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5. The scientists at which lab created a new type of plastic ‘PDK’ that can be recycled forever?

[A] Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
[B] Los Alamos National Laboratory
[C] Oak Ridge National Laboratory
[D] Argonne National Laboratory

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