GK & Current Affairs Quiz: June 04, 2018

1. Which country is hosting the 2018 BRICS Foreign Ministers’ meeting?

[A] Brazil
[B] South Africa
[C] India
[D] China

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2. Which of the following agendas will be discussed in the 49th Conference of Governors and Lieutenant Governors?

[A] Clean India mission
[B] Internal security
[C] Skill development
[D] All of the above

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3. Who has been sworn in as the new Prime Minister of Spain?

[A] Susana Diaz
[B] Patxi Lopez
[C] Adolfo Suarez
[D] Pedro Sanchez

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4. Who is the newly elected President of Egypt?

[A] Sami Anan
[B] Shadi Ghazali Harb
[C] Sherif Ismail
[D] Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

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5. India’s first advanced DNA forensic laboratory will come up in which city?

[A] Mumbai
[B] Kolkata
[C] Chandigarh
[D] Guwahati

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6. As per which section of the Income Tax Act , the Charitable Religious Institutions shall be eligible for grant under the scheme ‘Seva Bhoj Yojna’?

[A] Section 10 (23BBA)
[B] Section 19 (23BBA)
[C] Section 13 (23BBA)
[D] Section 12 (23BBA)

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7. What is the India’s rank in the Save the Children’s “End of Childhood Index 2018”?

[A] 116th
[B] 113th
[C] 118th
[D] 110th

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8. Indian Navy has recently rescued 38 stranded Indians from cyclone hit Socotra Island. The Island is located in which country?

[A] Egypt
[B] Saudi Arabia
[C] Yemen
[D] Oman

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9. Which country is hosting the 3rd Asia Cup International Bridge Championship 2018?

[A] Japan
[B] Singapore
[C] Thailand
[D] India

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10. Timothy Pereira, who passed away recently, was associated with which sports?

[A] Football
[B] Boxing
[C] Polo
[D] Chess

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