GK & Current Affairs Quiz: August 22, 2019

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1. The Cabinet Secretary of India works under the direct charge of ____?

[A] Ministry of Corporate Affairs
[B] Prime Minister
[C] Ministry of Home Affairs
[D] Ministry of Finance

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2. Who is the newly appointed Defence Secretary of India?

[A] Ajay Kumar
[B] Brij Kumar Agarwal
[C] Subash Chandra
[D] Rajiv Gauba

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3. The National Conference on Varmam Science has recently held in which city?

[A] Chennai
[B] New Delhi
[C] Kochi
[D] Jaipur

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4. ‘Op-Blue Freedom’ is associated to which sports?

[A] Water skiing
[B] Water polo
[C] Parasailing
[D] Scuba diving

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5. How many island nations are members of Forum for India-Pacific Islands cooperation (FIPIC)?

[A] 20
[B] 14
[C] 16
[D] 18

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