GK & Current Affairs : March 11, 12, 2015

1. The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPfA) is an international declaration on ____?
[A]Woman Rights
[B]Global Warming
[C]Wildlife Conservation
[D]Combat Terrorism
Answer: Woman Rights
The Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action (BPfA) is an international declaration of women’s rights set up at the UN’s landmark Fourth World Conference on Women, held in Beijing in 1995. The BPfA covers 12 key critical matters of concern and areas for action including women and poverty, violence against women and access to power and decision- making. It was supported by 189 countries, including the UK, at the 1995 World Conference.
2. According to latest report, which country is world’s top defence importer in 2014?
[B]Saudi Arabia
[D]South Korea
Answer: Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia emerged as world’s top defence importer of defence equipment worldwide in 2014 by replacing India. China is the third largest defence importer. As per the report, US continue to be the top defence exporter followed by Russia, France and UK.
3. As per the UN women report which country has the highest percentage of women parliamentarians in the world?
Answer: Rwanda
Rwanda has the highest fraction of women parliamentarians worldwide. Women there have won 63.8 per cent of seats in the lower house.
4. India has been placed at what position in the list of women representatives in politics?
Answer: 103
India has been ranked 103 among 137 nations on women representatives in politics. In the 2014 Lok Sabha election there are 65 women politicians out of 543. In Rajya Sabha there are 31 women representatives out of 243.
5. Which one of the following Ultra Mega Power Projects (UMPP) is not being developed by Reliance Power?
[A]Sasan, Madhya Pradesh
[B]Krishnapattanam, Andhra Pradesh
[C]Mundra, Gujarat
[D]Tilaiya, Jharkhand
Answer: Mundra, Gujarat
So far four ultra mega power projects have been awarded of which Reliance power has bagged three viz., Sasan (Madhya Pradesh), Krishnapattanam (Andhra Pradesh), Tilaiya (Jharkhand). Tata power was awarded the Mundra project in Gujarat.
6. Which spacecraft was launched by NASA to study the dwarf planets in the solar system?
[A]Dawn spacecraft
[B]Voyager spacecraft
[C]New Horizon spacecraft
[D]Orion spacecraft
Answer: Dawn spacecraft
Dawn spacecraft was launched by NASA to study the dwarf planets Vesta and Ceres in the asteroid belt. The spacecraft was launched in 2007. On March 6, 2015 Dawn entered orbit around Ceres and thus became the first spacecraft to visit Ceres.
7. Where are the headquarters of the Indian Ocean Rim Association (IORA)?
[A]Ebene, Mauritius
[B]Colombo, Sri Lanka
[C]Moroni, Comoros
[D]Dhaka, Bangladesh
Answer: Ebene, Mauritius
The headquarters of the Indian Ocean Rim Association is located in Ebene city, Mauritius. The IORA is an international organisation consisting of coastal states bordering the Indian Ocean. The association comprises of 20 member states and six dialogue partners.
8. Which country has largest shadow banking market in the world?
Answer: USA
Shadow banking refers to the activities of financial institutions that operate outside government-regulated banking systems. United States has the largest shadow banking market followed UK and China.
9. Noted editor Vinod Mehta, who died recently, was Editorial chairman of which magazine?
[A]The Week
[C]India Today
[D]Time Out
Answer: Outlook
Vinod Mehta was a distinguished editor and commenter. Mehta was well known for launching a number of newspapers and magazines. He was Editorial Chairman of Outlook magazine which he founded. Some of his publications are Sunday Observer, Indian Post, The Independent and The Pioneer.
10. The Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) is related to ____?
[A]Disaster reduction
[B]Biodiversity protection
[C]Population control
[D]Ozone protection
Answer: Disaster reduction
Hyogo framework for action is a ten year strategy (2005-15) to integrate disaster risk reduction into the development programmes of individual norms. The framework was approved in 2005, at the World Conference for disaster reduction in Kobe, Japan.

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