GK & Current Affairs: June 27 & 28, 2014

1. The Pangsau Pass in Arunachal Pradesh offers boarder trade between India and ___?

Pangsau Pass lies on the crest of the Patkai Hills on the India-Burma border. The pass offers one of the easiest routes into Myanmar from the Assam plains.

2. Which among the following states will host the 35th edition of the National Games?

The 35th edition of the National games will be held in Kerala from January 31 to February 14 next year in various venues across seven districts.

3. The Yoctonewton is a unit used for measuring ___?

Yoctonewton is a force measurement unit. A yoctonewton is a SI-multiple of the force unit newton and equal to 1 divided by 1024 newton.

4. According to United Nations latest report, which of the following countries each have more than a million children out of school?
[A]India, Pakistan and Afghanistan
[B]India, Pakistan and Indonesia
[C]India, Burundi and Iran
[D]India, Ghana and Pakistan

India, Pakistan and Indonesia
India, Indonesia and Pakistan each have more than a million children out of school, according to a UN report which shows the global number of unschooled children aged 6 to 11 is still as high as 58 million, showing little overall improvement since 2007. As per the UNSECO’s report India had 1.4 million children out of school in 2011. Pakistan had 5.4 million children out of school in 2012 while the figure for Indonesia was 1.3 million.

5. Which among the following former Soviet countries have signed free trade agreement with European Union, recently?
[A]Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia
[B]Ukraine, Latvia and Belarus
[C]Ukraine, Estonia and Georgia
[D]Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus

Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia
Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia have signed partnership agreements with the European Union, in a move strongly opposed by Russia. The pact which would bind the three countries more closely to the West both economically and politically is at the heart of the crisis in Ukraine.

6. Who among the following has been elected as the Chairman of European Union Commission?
[A]Manfred Weber
[B]Jose Manuel Barroso
[C]Jean-Claude Juncker
[D]David Cameron

Jean-Claude Juncker
European Union leaders picked former Luxembourg Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker to become the bloc’s new chief executive. With the move, the EU leader broke a decades-old tradition of choosing the president of the European Commission by consensus.

7. Recently, Delhi court summoned the congress president Sonia Gandhi and Vice-president Rahul Gandhi for misappropriating the funds of the National Herald newspaper. Who among the following has established the National Herald in 1938?
[A]Mahatma Ghandi
[B]Jawaharlal Nehru
[C]Gopalakrishna Ghokale
[D]Mothilal Nehru

Jawaharlal Nehru
The National Herald newspaper was established in 1938 by India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. The newspaper was shut down in 2008.

8. Luis Suarez, who has been banned by the FIFA for nine international matches and barred from all football activities for four months, is from which country?


9. The “Major Atmospheric Cherenkov Experiment (MACE)” is the world’s largest high-altitude telescope to be set up in Ladakh for detection of ____?
[A]Ultraviolet Rays
[B]Cosmic Rays
[C]Gamma Rays

Gamma Rays
The Major Atmospheric Cherenkov Experiment (MACE) is the world’s largest high-altitude telescope for detection of gamma rays emission. The telescope will be installed in Ladakh by 2015 summer and become operational by early 2016.

10. Which among the following committees have been set for the purpose of poverty estimation in India?
1. Y K Alagh committee
2. Lakdawala Committee
3. Tendulkar Committee
4. Rangarajan Committee
Chose the correct answer from the codes given below:
[A]Only 1, 2 & 3
[B]Only 2, 3 & 4
[C]Only 1, 3 & 4
[D]1, 2, 3 & 4

1, 2, 3 & 4

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