Floating Solar Energy Project

The Government of India is to construct the largest floating solar energy project in the world. The project is to be constructed at Omkareshwar Dam on Narmada river. The project will begin its power generation by 2022 to 2023.

What is the energy capacity of the project?

600 megawatts of solar energy.

What is the estimated cost of the project?

Three thousand crores of Rupees

Which international organisations are to provide financial assistance to the project?

International Finance Corporation and World bank.

Which Indian organisation is to provide financial assistance to the project?

Power Grid.

What are the key features of the project?

  • The project is to have floating solar panels of 600 megawatts of power generation capacity.
  • The solar panels are to be installed over the backwaters of the Omkareshwar Dam.
  • The project is to be completed in two years.
  • The electricity is to be generated in about two thousand hectares of water area by installing solar panels in the dam.
  • The solar panels will automatically adjust upward and downward based on the water level of the Dam. The floods and strong waves will not have any effect on the solar panels. The solar panels are to float on the surface of water.

What is floating solar power plant?

The floating solar power plant refers to solar panels installed on structures that float on surface of the water.

What are the two types of floating Solar Power Plant?

  • Floating photovoltaic Solar Power plant that uses photovoltaic panels installed on floating platform
  • Floating concentrated solar power System. It uses mirrors to redirect the solar power to a tower.

What are the advantages of floating Solar Power Plant?

  • No land Occupancy
  • They help to reduce water evaporation. Therefore, is highly water saving.
  • Solar power plants have a natural cooling system generated by the water layer beneath the panels


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