Fake Universities in India

The University Grants Commission has published a list of 23 fake institutes which functioning without the authorizations necessary to grant degrees.

What the UGC has done?

  • As per the UGC, these institutions are ” self-styled, unrecognized institutions functioning in contravention of the UGC Act .
  • It has also warned the students to be not misled by the fake claims made by these institutions.
  • To increase awareness about the entrenched malpractices in Higher Education in India, UGC publishes the list of fake institutions on its webpage annually.

Is everything all right?

  • The critics of the UGC have alleged that while the step taken by the UGC to name and expose the fake universities is laudatory, the UGC has failed in pushing forth the case of bringing these fake institutions to book for their fraudulent claims.
  • It is had been observed that over 14 of the 23 institutions currently listed on the UGC s watchlist have been there for over 10 years.
  • The UGC, on its part, claims that the Anti-Malpractice Cell (AMPC) of the UGC has taken appropriate legal action against them.

Anti-Malpractice Cell

An Anti-Malpractice Cell was set-up by the UGC in 1995 to follow through with the complaints regarding fake universities and initiate action against them. It has been actively involved in issuing notices and filing FIRs against the fraudulent institutions.


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