Daily Current Affairs Quiz: May 06, 2021

1. Who has been appointed as the Acting Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC)?

[A] S A Bobde
[B] A K Sikri
[C] P K Mishra
[D] P C Pant

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2. What is the name of the operation launched by the Indian Armed Force, to tackle Covid-19 pandemic?

[A] Operation Bharat
[B] Operation AatmaNirbhar
[C] Operation CO-JEET
[D] Operation CO-WIN

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3. Padma river, the main distributary of the Ganges, flows in which country?

[A] Nepal
[B] Bangladesh
[C] China
[D] Myanmar

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4. ‘Significant Economic Presence (SEP) principle’, is a concept used to levy which category of tax?

[A] Income Tax
[C] Digital Tax
[D] Customs Duty

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5. India announced a USD 1.4 billion of private-sector trade and investment, with which country?

[B] UK
[C] Russia
[D] Brazil

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