Daily Current Affairs Quiz: March 20, 2021

1. Where is the headquarters of the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU) located?

[A] Geneva
[B] Rome
[C] Paris
[D] Nairobi

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2. The first National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research was established in which state?

[A] Gujarat
[B] Punjab
[C] Rajasthan
[D] Maharashtra

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3. The Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill 2021 seeks to empower Central Government to issue directions to DMF. What is a DMF?

[A] Deposit Mineral Fund
[B] District Mineral Foundation
[C] Deep Mine Fund
[D] District Mine Fund

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4. My Life in Full: Work, Family and Our Future’ is a memoir of which Indian personality?

[A] Kiran Mazumdar Shaw
[B] Indra Nooyi
[C] Sudha Murthy
[D] Shikha Sharma

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5. MPLADS Fund has been suspended till which year, due to Covid-19 pandemic?

[A] 2021
[B] 2022
[C] 2023
[D] 2024

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