Daily Current Affairs Quiz: December 17, 2020

1. The Exim Bank of India has extended a USD 448-million line of credit (LOC) for infrastructure projects of which country?

[A] Chile
[B] Myanmar
[C] Uzbekistan
[D] Kazakhstan

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2. What is the name of the initiative of India, to launch movie series for the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation diplomats?

[A] CinemaSCOpe
[B] IndiaSCOpe
[C] KaleidoSCOpe
[D] SCOre

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3. The US Federal Government and states issued law suit against which company, accusing elimination of competition?

[A] Google
[B] Facebook
[C] Microsoft
[D] Amazon

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4. The European Union (EU) leaders agreed to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 55 percent by which year?

[A] 2025
[B] 2030
[C] 2040
[D] 2050

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5. Which is the first Indian state is to roll out an online mechanism for Fire safety approval, named ‘Fire Safety COP’?

[A] Tamil Nadu
[B] Kerala
[C] Gujarat
[D] Odisha

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