Daily Current Affairs Quiz: March 04, 2021

1. What is the user threshold mandated for defining a ‘significant’ social media intermediary?

[A] 25 lakh
[B] 50 lakh
[C] 75 lakh
[D] 1 crore

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2. India has agreed to set up a hotline with which of its neighbouring country?

[A] Pakistan
[B] China
[C] Nepal
[D] Sri Lanka

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3. As per the second advanced estimates of GDP released by the MoSPI, what is the GDP of the financial year 2020-21?

[A] – 7 per cent
[B] – 8 per cent
[C] – 9 per cent
[D] -10 per cent

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4. As per the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), which country is the world’s largest defence spender in 2020?

[A] China
[C] Russia
[D] UK

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5. Michael Somare, who has been making news, is called the ‘Grand Chief and Father of the Nation’ of which country?

[A] Vatican City
[B] Papua New Guinea
[C] Guyana
[D] Argentina

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