Daily Current Affairs Quiz : June 24, 2022

1. A floating city named Oceanix City is going to be set up in which country?

[A] Maldives
[B] Malaysia
[C] South Korea
[D] Singapore

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2. Bashi Channel, which was making news recently, is part of which strait in the Pacific Ocean?

[A] Taiwan Strait
[B] Luzon Strait
[C] Karimata Strait
[D] Malacca Strait

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3. Russian enclave Kaliningrad, that was in news recently, is located in which sea?

[A] North Sea
[B] Labrador Sea
[C] Baltic Sea
[D] Beaufort Sea

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4. Which tissue / organ of human body is affected by myelodysplastic syndrome?

[A] Blood cells
[B] Thymus gland
[C] Lymphatic vessels
[D] Pancreas

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5. Which body is responsible for the implementation of the NIPUN project of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs?

[A] National Skill Training Institute
[B] National Skill Development Fund
[C] National Skill Development Corporation
[D] National Council for Vocational Education and Training

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