Daily Current Affairs Quiz : December 27, 2023

1. Who has been recently named Health ambassador for Salaam Bombay Foundation?

[A] Deepika Padukone
[B] Amrita Raichand
[C] Alia Bhatt
[D] Pankaj Tripathi

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2. Which strait, that was recently in news, is also known as Gate of Tears in Arabic?

[A] Bab al-Mandeb
[B] Strait of Hormuz
[C] Bass strait
[D] Strait of Johor

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3. What term has been used for the iridescent clouds, that were spotted recently over parts of Scotland, northern England, and the West Midlands?

[A] Nacreous clouds
[B] Cirrus clouds
[C] Stratus clouds
[D] Cumulus clouds

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4. Talaeieh and Nasir cruise missiles were recently unveiled by which country?

[B] Turkey
[C] Iran
[D] Iraq

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5. Who has recently been awarded the ‘Impact Fielder of the ODI Series’?

[A] K L Rahul
[B] Shubman Gill
[C] Sai Sudarshan
[D] Mohammad Shami

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