Tropical Butterfly Conservatory in Trichy

The Tropical Butterfly Conservatory in Tiruchirapalli in Tamil Nadu is considered as a unique institution to conserve the insect species.

About the Conservatory

The Tropical Butterfly Conservatory in Tiruchirapalli was set up in November of 2015. It is considered to be the largest butterfly park in Asia. It was set up to create awareness about the importance of conserving the insect species and its ecology. It is located in the Upper Anaicut Reserve Forest, between the Rivers Cauvery and Kollidam.

Nakshatra Vanam & Rasi Vanam

The Nakshatra Vanam and Rasi Vanam are unique components of the conservatory. In Nakshatra Vanam, 27 trees corresponding to the 27 ‘nakshatra’ or stars were planted. Similarly, in Rasi Vanam, a garden composed of 12 tree corresponding to the 12 ‘rasi’ or zodiac signs was created. This is to encourage people to plant and nurture trees.

Breeding Lab

The conservatory has a breeding lab to improve the butterfly population. In this lab, a junior research fellow is engaged in breeding non-scheduled butterfly species and also monitoring them. The population of butterflies in the region has increased over the years.




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