PM Modi to launch three projects in Gujarat

On October 24, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate three projects in Gujarat. The projects are to be virtually inaugurated by the PM from New Delhi.


The three projects that are to be inaugurated by the Prime Minister are as follows

  • The United Nations Mehta heart Research Institute located in Ahmedabad.
  • The Girnar ropeway project
  • Kisan Sarvoday Yojana

Girnar Ropeway

It is a ropeway located in Mount Girnar in Junagadh district of Gujarat. The project was first proposed in 1983. However, the construction began only in September 2018 due to delay in project approval and litigation. It is one of the longest ropeway of Asia.

Girnar significance

The region is one of the major pilgrim site in India. This is because of the presence of Amber Temple  and Dattatreya Temple and several other Hindu temples and Jain temples in the region.

Why the delay?

The project was delayed because the, it will affect the livelihood of several palanquin bearers who carry the pilgrims to the top of the Mountain. Petitions were filed by these palanquin bearers opposing the project in Gujarat High Court. The high court dismissed the petitions after the Ropeway contracting company agreed to provide compensatory livelihood.  Accordingly, the Usha Breco company constructing the ropeway has provided 104 shops for the palanquin bearers in the parking lot of the lower terminal.

Another issue pertaining to the construction of the ropeway was the concerns raised by the environmentalists. According to the environmentalists, the proposed alignment of the ropeway will be a major risk to the local endangered long billed vulture. This is because the Ropeway is located within the Girnar wildlife sanctuary.

UN Mehta Heart Research Institute

The Institute has been revamped with 850 beds. Also, several special provisions have been introduced for heart treatment for children.

Kisan Sarvoday Yojana

It aims to provide power for agriculture for the farmers in the region




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