PARAM Sidhi-AI: India’s fastest AI Super Computer

On October 5, 2020, the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) commissioned the largest HPC-AI supercomputer. HPC-AI is High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence.


PARAM-Sidhi has put India among top countries in global AI supercomputing research and innovation. The supercomputer will accelerate cyber security, education, health care, education, space, agriculture and automotive. It will help in catalyzing partnerships with MSMEs, Start ups, Academia and Industries.

India has been implementing National Supercomputing Mission to build a network of 70 supercomputers.

Super Computers in India

The first super computer that was built under the National Supercomputing Mission was named “Param Shivay”. It was also built by C-DAC. Param Shivay used more than 1,20,000 compute cores and 833 TeaFlops. TeaFlop is a measure of processing speed of computer.

The IIT-Kharagpur was the first institute to get supercomputing facility under the National Supercomputing Mission.

Global Ranking of Indian Super Computers

The Super Computers in the world are ranked based on their speed. The following are Indian Super computers and their world ranking

  • Pratyush: It holds 39th position and is operated under the speed of 4,006 TFlop/sec. It is located in Indian Institute of Meteorology.
  • Mihir: It holds 66th It operates at a speed of 2,808 TFlop/sec. It is located in National Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasting.
  • InC1: 206th rank, 1,413 TFlop/sec.
  • SERC: SERC is Supercomputer Education Research Centre at Indian Institute of Science. 327th rank, operating at 1,244 TFlop/sec.
  • iDataPlex: 496th rank operating at a speed of 790 TFlop/sec.

World Fastest Super Computer

Fugaku of Japan is the world fastest supercomputer. The operating speed of Fugaku is 415 petaFlops.  Peta is 1015 (a thousand million million).

National Super Computing Mission

The Mission aims to develop the national research and development institutions spread over the country by installing vast supercomputing grid with more than 70 high-performance computing facilities. The mission is implemented by C-DAC.




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