ISRO to adopt 100 Atal Tinkering Labs

The Indian Space Research Organization recently announced that it is to adopt 100 Atal Tinkering Labs across the country.

How will ISRO help the Atal Tinkering Labs?

By adopting hundred Atal Tinkering Labs, ISRO is to facilitate mentoring and coaching of students in cutting edge technologies. It includes technologies related to space as well.

How will the initiative benefit the students?

ISRO will promote scientific temperament among students and will encourage them for space related technologies. The students will gain practical and application-based knowledge of STEM through the programme.

What is the current scenario of Atal Tinkering Labs in India?

There are more than seven thousand Atal Tinkering Labs in India. It helps more than three million students to acquire problem solving, innovative and tinkering mindset.

Who establishes Atal Tinkering Labs?

NITI Aayog.

Under which programme are Atal Tinkering Labs established?

Atal Innovation Mission.

What is Atal Innovation Mission?

The Atal Innovation Mission was launched to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in the country. It has two core functions namely entrepreneurship through self-employment and innovation promotion.

What are the major initiatives of Atal Innovation Mission?

  • Atal New India Challenges fosters product innovations. It aligns them to the needs of various ministries.
  • Atal Incubation Centres fosters world class startups and will add a new dimension to the incubator model.
  • Mentor India Campaign is a national mentor network that is launched in collaboration with corporates and public sectors to support all the initiatives of Atal Innovation Mission.
  • ARISE is Atal Research and Innovation for Small Enterprises. It stimulates research and innovation in MSME industry.
  • AIM-iCREST is Incubator Capabilities Enhancement Programme that is focused on creating high performing startups. It was designed to support established incubators of AIM in the country.




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