DRDO launches first Varunastra, a heavy weight Torpedo

The Defence Research Development Organization recently flagged off the first Varunastra, the heavy weight torpedo. The torpedo was designed and developed by the BDL, Vishakhapatnam Unit of Indian Navy.

About Varunastra

It is a ship launched electrically propelled heavyweight anti-submarine torpedo that is capable of targeting quiet submarines. It can be deployed in both shallow and deep-water environment. Varunastra is the first heavy weight torpedo of India.

It was first inducted into Indian Navy in 2016.  The weight of the torpedo is 1500 kilograms. Operational range is 40 kilometres. The maximum speed of the torpedo is 74 kilometre per hour. Also, Varun Astra is the only torpedo in the world to have a GPS based locating aid.

The torpedo is capable of carrying a war head of 250 kilogram. It is powered by Silver oxide zinc battery.

What is a torpedo?

It is an underwater weapon with an explosive warhead that is designed to detonate when in proximity to the target or on contact with the target.

 Torpedoes of Indian Navy

Takshak, advanced light torpedo Shyena, SMART and Varunastra are the Torpedo of the Indian Navy. The Advanced Light Torpedo Shyena is an indigenous lightweight anti-submarine. It was developed by Naval Science and Technological Laboratory of DRDO. The manufacturing programme of Shyena was started by the DRDO in 1990s.

SMART is Supersonic Missile Assisted Release of Torpedo. It is canistered hybrid system. The range of SMART system is 650 km. It is an advanced lightweight Torpedo with two-way data link. It can be launched from a truck based coastal battery and also from a warship.


BDL is the production agency of DRDO manufacturing Quick Reaction Surface to Air Missile. Also, it is a production agency for the Astra Air-to-air missile system.




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