Crushing the Curve Mass Vaccination Drive

The Kerala Health Department is to launch a mass vaccination drive called the “Crushing the Curve”.

Why is the drive launched?

Kerala has recently witnessed a sharp spike in COVID-19 cases after the assembly elections. The number of COVID-19 cases is increasing at 700 to 1000 per day.

Health sector in Kerala

  • The Health sector of Kerala had been outperforming in recent times. In September 2020, Kerala won the UN Award for Control of Non-Communicable diseases.
  • Also, Kerala emerged as the most successful state in fighting against COVID-19.
  • When the transmission rate of primary carrier was 6 in the country, it was only 0.4 in Kerala.

Kerala’s initiatives

  • The Aardam Health Mission was launched in Kerala to transform the PHCs into health centres.
  • Break the Chain campaign was launched to promote social distancing in the state.

Reasons behind success of Kerala

  • The Kerala Authorities have good access to World Health Organisation Data. It includes two-thirds of the state’s population.
  • Testing of COVID-19 was launched in massive scale in Kerala.
  • The Health sector of Kerala received a big push of Rs 4,000 crores from the Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board.
  • The training of health personnel in Kerala is provided focusing on improving their morale. In general, the morale of health personnel in Kerala is high. High literacy rate in the state is the main reason for such good morality among the people.
  • Several lessons and experiences learnt from Nipah outbreak in the state made it easier to fight COVID-19.
  • Around 55 lakh elderly and disadvantaged received Rs 8,500 as welfare payments during lockdown.

Way Forward

Kerala is planning to use big data analytics to frame COVID-19 recovery strategies.




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