China blocks ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a popular search engine that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to provide mostly accurate and relevant results to users. However, the Chinese government has decided to block this search engine in the country, citing concerns about propaganda and censorship.

China’s Great Firewall Blocks ChatGPT

ChatGPT is not accessible to internet users in China, as it is blocked by the country’s internet like other foreign web platforms. This is because ChatGPT does not conform to China’s censorship laws. The Chinese government has a strict policy when it comes to social media platforms and other internet services. Most American platforms, including Facebook, Reddit, Google, Instagram, Wikipedia, and YouTube, are all blocked in China.

Chinese State Media Claims ChatGPT as a Potential Enabler for American Propaganda

According to Chinese state media, ChatGPT is a potential enabler for American propaganda. Last week, a Chinese newspaper, China Daily, released a video titled “How the US Uses AI to Spread Disinformation,” which shows ChatGPT as an American propaganda tool. The Chinese government is afraid that ChatGPT could provide access to information that could be used to spread anti-government sentiment or even incite social unrest.

Chinese Tech Companies Need to Seek Permission Before Launching Chatbot Services

Not just ChatGPT, but Chinese tech companies will also need to report to regulators and seek permission before they launch their own chatbot-like AI services. Earlier this month, Chinese search giant Baidu revealed it was working on its own AI-powered chatbot called “ERNIE.” Since 2019, the company has been developing the service, which it plans to launch to the public later this month. This shows that China is also developing its own version of ChatGPT, as there is a growing demand for Chinese search engines that can provide accurate and reliable information in the Chinese language.

China’s Shock and Demoralization in the AI Space

Earlier reports claimed that China could become the leader in AI. Still, it seems like the launch of ChatGPT and its popularity has shocked and demoralized China. With the rise of AI-powered chatbots and the increasing demand for accurate and reliable information, China cannot afford to lag behind in this field.

The Curiosity to Use Chinese Chatbot Ernie

Despite the ban on ChatGPT, users can still access alternative search engines in China. Personally, the curiosity to use the Chinese chatbot ERNIE and see how it responds to queries based on sensitive issues related to the United States is worth exploring. As the world becomes more interconnected, access to information is essential, and alternative search engines like ERNIE could play a significant role in shaping our understanding of the world.



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