BioAsia 2021- Highlights

The 18th edition of BioAsia event will be held in between February 22, 2021 to February 23, 2021. It will be organised under the theme: ‘Move the Needle’.


  • This year, the BioAsia event will focus on Covid-19, pharma, medtech and global health.
  • The event would comprise of a wide array of panels.
  • The panel will focussing on how Covid-19 pandemic has resulted into various changes in the life sciences industry.

About BioAsia 2021

  • The event will provide a platform to discuss on topics of importance for the life sciences industry.
  • One of the sessions of the event will be focusing on the prospects of Medical Technologies that is becoming the next big opportunity for India.
  • The medical technologies have the potential to accelerate the journey for India from being an importer to become a large-scale exporter.
  • The event will also have analysis on the supply chain resilience, access to innovative medicines and innovation & research.

Significance of the event

This event is significant because, India is all set to become the world’s most populous country of the world. With the increase in the population, the burden of disease is also increasing. Thus, this becomes important because, it is attended by the investors, researchers, start-ups, conglomerates and health care representatives who discuss the needs of evolving Life Science industry. Further, the event would give a boost to India’s biotechnology sector.

India’s Biotechnology Sector

India has become the third largest biotechnology destination in the Asia Pacific region. India have more than 500 United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) approved Indian owned biotechnology plants which is the second highest number across the world. The country is also the largest supplier of vaccines of BCG, DPT and measles.


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