AWS survey on India’s Digital skilled workforce

Recently, a report was commissioned by the Amazon Web Services (AWS) on India’s Digital skilled workforce. The report highlights that, digital skills are becoming a significant component for employees in order to perform their jobs efficiently. The digitisation journey has further accelerated in the view of ongoing Covid-19 Pandemic to a certain extent for individuals and organisations.


The AWS report highlights that, the present workforce of India comprises of only 12% digitally skilled employees. This number requiring the digital skills will need to be increased by nine-fold by 2025. The research made a survey on over 500 digital workers across India. It also surveyed around 3,196 workers across the six countries in Asia-Pacific (APAC) region such as India, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia and South Korea.

Findings of the report

  • The report highlights that, around 150 million workers across the six APAC countries apply digital skills on the job. And those who require such skills will require to increase over 800 million by 2025.
  • Report noted that, around 70% of workers in India have applied advanced digital skills for their jobs.
  • As per the report, top five digital skills in-demand in India includes- cloud architecture design; software operations support website; game, or software development; large-scale data modelling and cybersecurity skills.
  • As per the report, transitioning organisations from the on-premises to the cloud environments are the most frequently used digital skill in India.
  • Further, 76% of digital workers in India currently expect that cloud computing is an essential skill.
  • 50% of the digital workers from the manufacturing sector think that they will require skills such as cloud architecture design and the ability to create the original digital content in order to perform their jobs.

Report suggests that, in order to meet the projected demand of the digitally skilled employees, all the six APAC countries will require 5.7 billion skill sessions while India will require 3.9 billion digital skill sessions in next five years. They will also require different policy approaches so as to address their priorities and challenges.


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