Army Commanders’ Conference held in New Delhi

On May 29, 2020, Army Commanders Conference was held in New Delhi. The event was held in two phases.


The Conference was chaired by the Defence Minister Rajnath Singh. The existing and developing security challenges were discussed in the conference. The conference also discussed human resource management issues and merger of training establishments.

Also, the Army Welfare Education Society and Army Welfare Housing Organization were organized during the event.

Recent Developments

It is to be noted that the Defence sector has undergone several administrative changes in the recent times. Around 9,304 military Engineering Services were abolished based on the recommendation of Shekatar Committee.

Second Phase

The second phase of the conference is to be held between 24-27 June, 2020.

Structure of Indian Army

Indian Army got its current structure after independence. It is the fourth largest army in the world. The Army is divided into 7 commands. It includes Eastern Command, Northern Command, Central Command, Southern Command, Western Command, South-Western Command and Training Command.


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