23 additional Minor Forest Produce included in Minimum Support Price List

On May 29, 2020, the Ministry of Tribal Affairs announced that 23 additional Minor Forest Produce of Minimum Support Price has been included.


Also, the minimum support price for the existing forest produce was reduced for 50 items. The increase in Minor Forest Produce is from 16% to 66%. In certain cases such as Giloe, the increase is in the range of 190%.

Minor Forest Produce

The Indian Forest Act, 1927 defines forest produce. However, the Minor Forest Produce got its definition only in 2007. Minor Forest Produce includes brushwood, bamboo, canes, honey, cocoon, tusser, roots, tuber, etc.

The Forest Rights Act was enacted in 2007. The act gives forest rights to live, cultivate, manage and regenerate.

Around 100 million people living around the forest area are dependent on the forests for their livelihood. The data was collected by the National Committee on Forest Rights Act. Therefore, it is certainly important to regulate minor forest produce and make sure the tribals make maximum out of it.


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