Ariel Henry appointed Prime Minister of Haiti

Amid turmoil in the country of Haiti, Ariel Henry has been appointed as the new Prime Minister of the country.



The assassination of President Jovenel Moise caused turmoil in the country of Haiti. Among this turmoil the country has appointed Ariel Henry as its new Prime Minister.


About Ariel Henry

Ariel Henry is a neurosurgeon and a former cabinet minister. He was selected to be the Prime Minister by the country’s President just days before he was assassinated. He will lead the nation until a new President is appointed through elections scheduled in the country for the month of September.

In his inauguration speech, he said that he hopes to create a suitable environment for the people to cast their votes at ease.


Reaction to the appointment of Ariel Henry

The United States, Germany and the United Nations have backed the appointment of the new Prime Minister. He faces a herculean task of managing the country reeling from crime, poverty, long-term political instability as well as natural disasters that includes a major earthquake and hurricanes.


Assassination of President Jovenel Moise

The assassination of President Jovenel Moise still remains a mystery. The assault which occurred at midnight also left Moise’s wife seriously injured. As of now, the Haitian police have reported that at least 26 people have been arrested so far that includes local police officers, Haitian-americans and Colombians.


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