APEDA exports five varieties of apples to Bahrain

APEDA in collaboration with Himachal Pradesh Horticultural Produce Marketing and Processing Corporation Ltd (HPMC) exported first consignment comprising of five unique varieties of apples in order to promote agricultural and processed food products exports to newer destinations.

Key points

  • Five varieties of apples including Dark Baron Gala, Royal Delicious, Scarlet Spur, Red Velox and Golden Delicious were exported to Bahrain.
  • These apples were sourced from farmers of Himachal Pradesh.
  • First consignment was exported by APEDA registered DM Enterprises.
  • Apples will be showcased at the apple promotion programme organized by leading retailer called Al Jajira group.
  • The apple promotion programme will start from 15th August, 2021 on the occasion of commencement of 75th year of India’s independence celebration.
  • Apple promotion programme is also being organized to familiarise consumers in Bahrain regarding the varieties of apples in India.
  • Apple export comes at a time when India has been expanding its footprint of mango exports in newer countries.

Mango export

Recently in July 2021, consignment of Geographical Identification (GI) certified Fazil mango was exported to Bahrain in order to boost mango export potential from eastern region to middle east countries. Mangoes were sourced from Malda district of West Bengal. It was exported by APEDA registered DM enterprises in Kolkata and imported by Al Jazira group in Bahrain.

Virtual meets

APEDA has been initiating several measures to boost fruits and vegetables exports from non-traditional regions and states of India. It has been conducting virtual buyer-seller meets and festivals in order to promote them.


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