Amazon India launches ‘Itna Aasan Hai’ campaign

The E-Commerce Form Amazon India has launched its seller-driven campaign known as ‘Itna Aasan Hai’ in order to highlight how the sellers are thriving on the Amazon ecosystem with ease. The campaign has been conceptualized by Ogilvy and it highlights how the platform is making the enrolment process simpler and convenient. This is going to promote the idea that anyone who wants to move their business online on Amazon can do it very easily.

The objective of the Campaign

This campaign is meant to communicate to existing and prospective sellers who are on the platform, how easy and simple it is to sell on the e-commerce platform. The company wants to communicate this idea to the sellers in a way that is easily understandable making it that much more memorable.

How are Sellers being benefitted through Amazon?

Amazon India marketplace brings together 6 lakh sellers on its platform. All these sellers are getting benefitted through this platform and also the customers are getting the benefit of access to unique products on the e-commerce platform. The company will also sell this story to the MSMEs in the country so that they adopt the e-commerce platform for selling their products. This will help the MSMEs in the country to reach a wider audience.

Significance of the Campaign

The nursery rhyme execution in the series of ads designed for the campaign makes the intended point of reaching to a wider customer base through Amazon, pretty easy to understand in a memorable manner. The campaign also underscores the commitment of the company to the progress of sellers and small businesses across the country.


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