Ajit Doval hosted inaugural meeting of IBSA NSAs

National Security Adviser, Ajit Doval, hosted the inaugural meeting of IBSA National Security Advisers (NSAs) on August 25, 2021 through video conferencing.


  • In the meeting, IBSA NSAs discussed issues like maritime security, fight against terrorism & transnational organized crime, and cyber security.
  • They agreed on the fact that terrorism specially the cross-border terrorism has undertaken through state sponsorship. It continues to be the most potent threat for global peace and security. Thus, it must be fought with the united efforts.
  • They also agreed upon enhancing cooperation in the fields of intelligence sharing, exchange of best practices amongst national agencies and capacity building.
  • It was the first such meeting of National Security Advisers of IBSA countries that reflects importance of closer cooperation among IBSA countries.


The meeting was held as part of preparatory process for next IBSA Summit of Leaders. It is scheduled to be held under India’s Chair ship of IBSA.

Theme of IBSA meeting under India’s Chaiship

Theme of IBSA meeting under India’s Chairship is “Democracy for Demography and Development”.

About IBSA

The IBSA (India, Brazil, South Africa) Dialogue Forum is an international tripartite group that promotes international cooperation among member countries. It represents three important poles to galvanize South-South cooperation as well as greater understanding between three important continents namely, Africa, Asia and South America. The forum provides a platform to member countries in order to held discussions in the field of agriculture, culture, trade, and defence.


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