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GK & Current Affairs: April 7, 8, 2015

1. INS Kalvari, which has been commissioned by Indian Navy recently, is a ____? [A]Scorpene-class submarine [B]Aircraft carrier [C]Survey ship [D]Amphibious assault ship Answer: Scorpene-class submarineNotes: INS Kalvari is Indian Navy’s first Scorpene submarine under Project 75. Diesel-electric powered Scorpene submarine was commissioned at the Mazagon Dock Limited (MDL). 2. Up to what limit, the ..

GK & Current Affairs : April 5, 6, 2015

1. Which project is aimed to re-connect and re-establish communications between countries of the Indian Ocean world? [A]Project Varsha [B]Project Sagaramala [C]Project Mausam [D]Project Sangam Answer: Project MausamNotes: ‘Project Mausam’ transnational program is aimed at restoring India’s ancient maritime routes and cultural links with republics in the region. The project is India’s answer for Beijing’s ..

GK & Current Affairs: April 3, 4, 2015

1. The South-West African People Organisation (SWAPO) is a major political party of which country? [A]Namibia [B]Kenya [C]Cuba [D]Angola Answer: NamibiaNotes: SWAPO is a political party in Namibia. The party was originally founded to advocated immediate Namibian independence from South Africa. SWAPO became Namibia’s leading political party since 1990. 2. India’s Dronavalli Harika is associated ..

GK & Current Affairs: April 1, 2, 2015

1. Which state has launched Aahar, a subsidised meal scheme meant for urban poor in the state? [A]Bihar [B]Jharkhand [C]West Bengal [D]Odisha Answer: OdishaNotes: Aahar is a subsidised meal scheme meant for the urban poor launched by Odisha government. Under the scheme, rice and dal curry would be served as lunch to the poor at ..

GK & Current Affairs: March 31, 2015

1. First Earth Hour event was organized in which year? [A]2005 [B]2008 [C]2007 [D]2010 Answer: 2007Notes: Earth Hour is a worldwide grassroots movement uniting people to protect the planet, and is organised by WWF. The first Earth Hour event was observed on March 31 2007, Sydney, Australia. 2. Adoor Gopalakrishna is a famous filmmaker in ..