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Quiz 239: Economic Awareness For Bank Examinations

1. A number of factors are responsible for poverty in India. Which among the following is not the economic factor contributing to poverty? Inequalities of Income Mass illiteracy Low productivity in Agriculture Fast Rise in Population 2. Which among the following sentences is / are correct ? The Union Levies, collects and distributes the proceeds ..


Mega Quiz October (Second) 2009 : based Upon Current Affairs

Download This Quiz Here 1.Recently a five-member team, led by Under-Secretary General Alain De Roy,concluded a three-day visit to India and ‘thanked and expressed gratitude’ to Indian authorities for the contribution to the UN peacekeeping operations.Which among the following countries is the largest contributor to UN peace keeping Troops as of today? note: Please use ..

Quiz 238: General Knowledge Questions for All Examinations

1. Which committee on the ‘Working of the monetary system in India ’emphasized that real deficit should include not only the over all budgetary deficit but also the market borrowings and other liabilities giving birth to a new concept of ” Fiscal Deficit” ? S Chakravarty Committee Narsimham Committee Gadgil Committee Rangarajan Committee 2. Which ..


Quiz 237: General Awareness for All Examinations

1. Which of the following is NOT a closed sea? Aral Sea Black Sea Red Sea All are closed seas 2. Santa Ana, Brickfielder, Sirocco & Khamsin are examples of ______? currents volcanoes winds deserts 3. Jet streams are examples of ________? Water currents Air currents Polar winds Winds 4. Which of the following countries ..


Quiz 236: Indian History For Civil Services Examination

1. Which among the following statements is not correct? British army was defeated in the first Anglo-Maratha War The Second Anglo-Mysore War was concluded by Treaty of Wadgaon Hyder Ali Died in the Second Anglo-Mysore war Third Anglo Mysore war led to the Treaty of Seringpatnam 2. Which among the following pairs is NOT correctly ..


Quiz 235: General Awareness Section for All Examinations

1. Which of the following are found in nucleus of Deuterium  1 proton & 1 neutron 2 protons 1 proton and 1 electron 2 neutrons only 2. As per the Lakdawala Formula , which among the following is accepted to estimate “urban poverty”? Consumer price Index for industrial labors Consumer price Index for Agriculture Wholesale ..