15th Finance Commission’s High-Level Group on Agricultural Exports submits report

The High-Level Group on Agricultural Exports set up by the 15th Finance Commission has finally submitted its report to the Commission.

Why was it set up?

The group was set up to recommend measurable performance incentives for states to encourage agriculture exports and to promote crops to enable high import substitution. After intensive research and study involving all the stakeholders and the private sector, the High-Level Group has submitted its report to the Finance Commission.

Details of Recommendations

The recommendations of the group include a demand-driven approach and focus on 22 primary crop value chains. The group has also suggested the creation of a state-led export plan with participation from all the stakeholders. According to this group, the private sector players should play an anchor role in driving outcomes and execution of the agricultural export plan. The additional exports generated after implementation of the recommendations is likely to generate an estimated 7-10 million jobs also in the economy. The group is also hopeful that if all these are put into practice, the overall farm productivity, as well as the farmer income, will be increased within a considerable period of time.


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