Quiz 105 : Indian History : Modern India Basic Questions

1. In which among the following years, the Modern Olympic games were held for the first time?

2. Which among the following incidents established the supremacy of British over French in India?
[A]Battle of Buxar
[B]Battle of Wandiwash
[C]Carnatic Wars
[D]Battle of Chingleput

3. Who among the following headed the Advisory Committee on Fundamental Rights, Minorities and Tribal and Excluded Areas a committee under the Constituent Assembly?
[A]Jawahar Lal Nehru
[B] Vallabh Bhai Patel
[C] H C Mukherjee
[D]Maulana Azad

4. Which among the following tries was signed after Battle of Buxar?
[A]Treaty of Allahabad
[B]Treaty of Carnatic
[C]Treaty of Alinagar
[D]Treaty of Kanpur

5. What was the original requirement of ” Magna carta” ?
[A]To bring the powers of King under law
[B]To make the power of the kings beyond Law
[C]To limit the power of Barons
[D]None of them

6. Statue of Liberty, which recently completed 125 years was a gift to American people from people of … ?

7. Goa was declared as India’s 25th state in which among the following years?

8. Which among the following is the earliest battle involving gunpowder firearms and field artillery?
[A] Battle of Tarain
[B]Battle of Panipat
[C]Battle of Haldighati
[D]Battle of Khanwa

9. Mahzarnama was declared by ____?

10. Swaraj party was out come of which among the following incidents?
[A]Chauri Chaura
[B]Quit India Movement
[C]Arrival of Simon Commission
[D]Bardoli Satyaghara

11. In 1956 during the Reorganization of the Indian States, the state of Hyderabad was split up between ?
[A]Andhra Pradesh & Maharastra
[B]Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka
[C]Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra & Karnataka
[D]Andhra Pradesh, Maharastra, Goa & Karnataka

12. In which year, States Reorganization Act went into effect?

13. Balgangadhar Tilak was arrested in 1908 following the charges on him of ..?
[A]Murder of Douglas
[C]Opposing the age of Consent Bill
[D]Inciting Chapekar Brothers to commit violence

14. Balvant rai Mehta who was pioneer of concept of Panchayati Raj (local government), was a freedom fighter and Chief minister of ….state?
[C]Andhra Pradesh
[D]Madya Pradesh

15. Who has written Mahatma-Life of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ?
[A]D. G. Tendulkar
[B]Colonel G. B. Singh
[C]Susheela Naiyyar
[D]None of them