Quiz 104: General Studies for State Public Service Examinations

Which among the following sites near Pondicherry gives best support to the view on an ancient trade between Rome and the ancient Tamil country of India?
At which among the following places, Gokal Jat revolted against mughals in the 17th century?
Etti, Kavidi and Eradi are names of which among the following in sangam age?
After a defeat in prolonged debate on Vedic philosophies, who among the following is known to have become disciple of Adi Sankara and later became first head of Sringeri Mutt?
Consider the following statements:
  1. Chile is the largest producer of Copper in the World
  2. "Chileanisation of copper" refers to the process used in Chile for Copper extraction
Which among the above statements is/ are correct?
In which year, Government of India launched the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program?
Which among the following organization confers World Press Freedom Prize?
Which are the three largest Opium Producing States (largest first) in our Country?
Which among the following is the first UN Agency to award a full membership status to Palestine ?
In field of Music, which among the following state Governments gives Tana Riri Award every year?


  1. Jaithri

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