Quiz 94: Geography Basic Questions

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1. Which among the following seas is known for highest salinity?
[A] Red sea
[B] Dead sea
[C] Caspian sea
[D] Sargasso Sea

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2. What is normally found in the western side of the continents situated near tropics?
[A] Mountains
[B] Deserts
[C] Rivers
[D] Lakes

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3. Approximately how much time does a Sun ray take reaching Earth?
[A] 400 seconds
[B] 500 seconds
[C] 600 seconds
[D] 700 seconds

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4. What is the number of known satellites of Jupiter?
[A] 35
[B] 55
[C] 42
[D] 79

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5. How many times Sun is heavier than Earth?
[A] 3,300 times
[B] 33,000 times
[C] 3,30,000 times
[D] 33,30,000 times

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6. How long does the Earth take to turn 1° Longitude during its rotation?
[A] 4 minutes
[B] 4 seconds
[C] 4 hours
[D] 40 seconds

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7. Which among the following dates would normally represent a Winter Solstice in Northern Hemisphere?
[A] December 26
[B] January 14
[C] December 21
[D] January 24

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8. Which among the following is the longest day in northern hemisphere?
[A] June 21
[B] March 21
[C] September 21
[D] May 31

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9. What kind of forests are found in Siberian climate?
[A] Deciduous
[B] Coniferous
[C] Tropical
[D] Montane Grasslands

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10. Kip is a currency of which country?
[A] Laos
[B] Uganda
[C] Cambodia
[D] Brunei

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    the answer for no. 4 is 12 satelites

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