What is an Air Ambulance?

Karnataka Chief Minister, Yediyurappa launched the country’s first integrated air ambulance service recently. It was jointly launched by the International Critical Air Transfer Team (ICATT) and the Kyathi. ICATT-Kyathi’s fixed wing aircraft have capacity to provide long distance emergency medical transportation. The medical transportation is combined with helicopter and land ambulance services so as to provide last mile connectivity. The ambulance is equipped with German Isolation Pod. ICATT-Kyathi have also planned to transport critical Covid-19 patients safely. This air ambulance of ICATT offers 24*7 medical transportation service all across India for emergency and non-medical emergency cases.

About Air Ambulance

It is a service that is equipped with all necessary equipments and have specialised medical team on board. The ambulance helps to transfer the critically ill and trauma patients also the organs from one place to another in a prescribed time. The medical team flies on a helicopter or a fixed-wing aircraft which is converted into the flying ICU units to look after the critical patients. The medical equipment that are set up in the air ambulance consists of NICU equipment, CRP equipment, State of the art stretchers, ECGs and Heart monitoring units.

Significance of Air Ambulance Services in India

A survey shows that over 80% of India’s population doesn’t have access to higher medical centres so as to get the required treatment they deserve in their territory. These patients need to be transferred to other cities. But these patients are not advised to travel through road ambulances in order to avoid their condition to further deteriorate. In such cases, Air Ambulances find its importance. These services are significant because,

  • It cuts down the travel time.
  • Patient can be air-lifted in a best possible manner with specialised team of doctor on board.
  • It can reach to remote areas even in flood and COVID-19 like situation.
  • It has a less waiting time.

Case Study

ICATT HEMS had played a significant role during the Kerala Flood disaster and it saved many lives.


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