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Global Himalayan Expedition won the UN Global Climate Action Award

Indian organisation named Global Himalayan Expedition wins UN Global Climate Action Award for combating climate change amid COVID-19 pandemic. About GHE is a corporation that manages ‘Impacts Expeditions’ to the Himalayan villages in native areas. These expeditions will have a valid cause. For instance, to set up solar energy in remote villages. Significance of GHE ..

October 27: World Day for Audio Visual Heritage 2020

Every year the World Day for Audio Visual Heritage is celebrated on October 27 by UNESCO to increase the awareness of significance of the audio visual documents. This year the day is celebrated under the theme Theme: Your Window to the World Highlights The initiatives such as World Day for Audio Visual Heritage, UNESCO project ..

UN Treaty of banning Nuclear Weapons enters into force

The United Nations recently announced that around 50 countries have ratified the UN Treaty to ban Nuclear Weapons. This has triggered the treaty into force. The treaty was opposed by the United States and other nuclear powers Opposition to the treaty The major nuclear powers such as Russia, United States, Britain, France and China opposed ..

Sudan joins UAE, Bahrain in recognizing Israel

On October 23, 2020, Sudan became the third country to join UAE and Bahrain in recognizing Israel. The United States recently brokered pacts between Israel and UAE and Bahrain. Under the agreement, UAE and Bahrain agreed to recognise Israel as an independent state. Key Highlights In September 2020, UAE, Bahrain and Israel signed the first ..

October 24: United Nations Day

Every year, the United Nations Day is celebrated on October 24. This year, 2020, marks 75 years of successful functioning of the United Nations. Key Highlights The UN Day marks the anniversary of UN Charter coming in to force. The United Nations came into Existence on October 24, 1945. The day is being celebrated as ..