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Key Hindrances to Good Governance

Good governance means an accountable and audited public service which has the bureaucratic competence to implement appropriate public policies and an independent judicial system to uphold the law. Despite the continuing efforts to enhance the quality of governance in the country, from insufficiencies and complexities, both structural and non-structural, there are hindrances that still exist. ..

Principles for Managing Ethics in Public Service by United Nations

The public service, entrusted with guarding public resources and executing decisions on behalf of elected representatives, plays an important role in the development and governance of a nation. It must have in place a system of measures to create an environment promoting ethics, accountability and transparency. Public service is in the cause of the nation ..

Attitudinal Problems of the Civil Servants

Civil servants are charged with serving the interests and protecting the rights of the people and the country. The attitudinal problems confronting civil servants are complex, involving conflicting values, preferences, incomplete unreliable information, and unexpected consequences. Fear of Inadequacy: Fear of inadequacy, can sometimes cause an attitude problem with the employee that feels threatened, A ..

Integrity in public service

Corruption has always been central concern of governance at all times. Power corrupts and absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely. These words of Lord Acton seem to have universal validity. Corruption is defined as the use of public power for private profit in a way that constitutes breach of law. The Santhanam committee gives an ..