Mystery Disease in Andhra Pradesh – Update (December, 2020)

Context in Current Affairs:  A mystery disease has broken out in the state of Andhra Pradesh. More than 400 people have been affected by the disease. The disease has so far killed one person and the reason for the outbreak ..


Indian Air Force develops Airborne Locust Control System

The Indian Air Force has developed an airborne locust control system that can be integrated with Mi-17 helicopters. Highlights The Union Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare has signed an agreement with the UK firm to modify Mi-17 helicopters to ..


Pesticide Consumption in India

A recent report by a non-profit organisation, Pesticide Action Network, showed an increase in the use of pesticides in India. Trends in Usage The report showed that the pesticide consumption in India has increased by 13.07% between 2014-15 and 2018-19. ..

Prakritik Kheti Khushshal Kissan Yojana launched by Himachal Pradesh government

The Prakritik Kheti Khushshal Kissan Yojana (PKKKY) was launched by the Himachal Pradesh government to promote organic / Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) system. It is in news recently because out of the total 3,226 panchayats in the state, 2,209 ..

IIT Madras develops ‘Agricopter’ to eliminate manual spraying of pesticides in agricultural farms

The students at the IIT Madras have developed a smart agricopter to eliminate manual spraying of pesticides in agricultural fields and help identify crop health by using a imaging camera. The innovation will allow spraying pesticides 10 times faster and ..

Indian researchers develops a new skin gel “poly-Oxime”

Indian researchers have developed a new skin gel “poly-Oxime” that inhibits the absorption of the most commonly used pesticides such as Organophosphorous compounds, that can cause serious ill effects on health and, in worst cases, result in the death of ..