Gangetic Dolphins: GK, General Studies and Current Affairs

October 5: Ganga River Dolphin Day

Every year, India celebrates Ganga River Dolphin Day on October 5. The day is celebrated since 2010. This is because, it was on October 5, the dolphins were declared as National Aquatic Animal. Highlights This year, the National Mission for Clean Ganga launched the following programmes to celebrate Ganga River Dolphin day Dolphin Safaris in ..

Project Dolphin

Dolphins are aquatic mammals; belonging to Order Cetacea. Cetus means a whale or a huge fish. There are around 90 living species in Cetacea divided into two groups. First group comprises toothed animals such as dolphins, killer whales; porpoise; sperm whale; beaked whale, narwhal. The second group comprises the whales which have filter feeder system. ..