International Day of Forests

Every year on March 21st, World Forestry Day or International Day of Forests is celebrated to increase global awareness about the crucial role of forests in sustaining life on Earth. The day is recognised as an effort to educate people ..



What is Compensatory Afforestation?

Compensatory afforestation is a program implemented in India to ensure that forest land diversion for non-forest purposes, such as industrial or infrastructure development, is accompanied by afforestation on an equal area of land. Under this program, project developers are required ..



Kyasanur Forest Disease

A 48 year old woman in Wayanad, Kerala, recently died from Kyasanur Forest Disease. Several other are being treated for the disease. About the Disease The Kyasanur Forest Disease, also called as the Monkey Fever, was first reported in 1957 ..

New panel to review findings in Goa’s Private forest lands

The Government of Goa has decided to establish a 3-member committee to review the findings of earlier high-level panels which had been formed to verify the identity of private forest lands in the state. What has happened? This recent move ..

Anthropologic effects on Himalayan Forests

The rapidly changing climate is just one of the many byproducts of increasing insensitive eco-activities of humans. The Himalayan forests are one of the most crucial biomes of the country and support a large amount of biomass and organisms in ..

Draft Forest Policy, 2018

The ministry of environment, forest and climate change has framed a new draft National Forest Policy 2018 in March, 2018. The new forest policy aims to address the new realities – climate change, human-animal conflict and declining green cover. The ..