Tahiti Pristine Coral reef

The scientists have recently discovered a coral reef along the coast of Tahiti. The reef is two miles long and is unaffected by anthropogenic activities and climate change. About the coral reef The coral reef was discovered during a dive ..



Sea Fans

In a joint operation by the forest officials of Assam and Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, a huge seizure of marine life has been made in Assam. This haul includes 50kg of sea fan, a type of soft coral, among other. ..


Report on Decline of US Coral Reefs

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration along with the University of Maryland released a report on health of coral reefs in US Virgin Islands and in Hawaii and Guam in the Pacific. Key Findings The study has found that only ..


500 metre tall Coral Reef discovered in Australia Great Barrier Reef

The scientists have discovered a massive detached coral reef in the Great Barrier Reef of Australia. It is the first to be discovered in 120 years. The reef is taller than the Empire State Building of the United States. Key ..


Coral Bleaching

Scientists have warned that the corals in the Great Barrier Reef region are at a risk of being bleached due to the upcoming period of heat stress. Great Barrier Reef Marine Park The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is located ..

US military test fires Minuteman III ballistic missile

After North Korea tested a ballistic missile from the coast of Wonsan, US tested an unarmed Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missile. The missile was launched from the California base. The missile traveled 6,750 km across Pacific Ocean to the Kwajalein ..