Competition Act 2002: GK, Current Affairs, Questions, Trivia and News

Approvals made by CCI on 13th December 2019

The Competition Commission of India was established on 14th October 2003 under the Competition Act 2002. The Competition Act 2002 was passed by the parliament to prevent activities that may lead to an appreciable adverse effect on competition between companies, Industries in India. Following approvals were made by the competition commission of India on Friday, ..

Acquisitions approved by CCI on 28 November 2019

Competition Commission of India (CCI) is responsible for enforcing The Competition Act,2002 throughout the country. It is a statutory body under the Government of India founded on 14 October 2003, ensures that healthy competition is maintained by avoiding unfair practices with the help of modern competition laws. The Competition Act, 2002 replaced The Monopolies and ..

Competition Commission of India

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is a statutory body of the Government of India which has been made responsible to enforce the Competition Act, 2002 in India. It also aims to prevent all unfair trade activities that have an adverse effect on competition in India. Why was the CCI formed? After the economic liberalization ..

CCI Imposes Penalty on Pharma Companies and Trade Bodies

The Competition Commission of India (CCI) has imposed penalties on pharma companies as well as Madhya Pradesh Chemists and Druggist Association (MPCDA) and Indore Chemists Association (ICA) for indulging in anti-competitive trade practices. What was the case? The Madhya Pradesh Chemists and Distributors Federation had complained that associations like MPCDA and ICA had mandated the ..